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Superior by FAR Ltd were established in 2016, to break the price monopoly of the current market leaders in the laboratory fittings supply field. We have sought out manufacturers that produce extremely high quality products with a similar ethos. Collectively, we seek to do business with like-minded companies. Those who seek to make a fair profit, but not at the expense of their customers. We want to work with companies that have clear environmental goals, and value the planet in which we live. We do this through encouraging environmental practices that seek to minimize pollution, using renewable materials wherever possible.


We have started by introducing the company HYCHEM into our portfolio, they have been producing high quality epoxy products since 2003. We have been impressed by their prompt service, extremely competitive costs, and their commitment to an environmentally stable product. We can offer a full range of worktops for both benching, and fume cupboard purposes. Including sinks, drip cups etc. With either plant on marine lipping, or fully moulded pieces. We have been supplied with custom product samples in less than seven days, a feat that the even local UK manufacturers struggle to compete with.


Backed by a dedicated workforce, HYCHEM has built a household name and become one of the country's leading trademarks for Epoxy Resin worktops. HYCHEM's manufacturing facility boasts technologically advanced equipment to assist in the production of innovative products.

New productions are initiated via ongoing investments in research and development paving a giant step forward in product quality and production efficiency.

HYCHEM have a diversified product range to meet the ever-changing market opportunities and challenges.

•HYCHEM™ Epoxy worktops

With its current combination of quality, aesthetiques, and an extremely competitive pricing structure HYCHEM is aspiring to establish a strong presence in the global network.

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We are pleased to introduce the following:-

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•   A complete range of polypropylene drainage, and waste systems, including, sinks, drip cups, wastes, and f.c. dilution tanks.

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Superior by far Ltd

Laboratory fittings