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Laboratory Taps & fittings

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  • Respect and eco-sustainability

Respect for the environment, the use of renewable energy sources: this represents our contribution to a better quality of life and a less polluted planet.

  • Search for excellence

A flexible, dynamics and responsive enterprise, ready to adapt its own factors of production to deal with increasingly complex, global markets.

  • Innovative Design

With Massimiliano della Monaca, a famous Italian Designer, we radically changed the design of our products, to make them more comfortable, easy to use and with a new agreeable aesthetic. This has been positively received in the industry, confirming our position as market leader. With continuously progressive innovation.

  • Superior Performance


All the aspects of the fittings, have been improved. To provide new solutions for the lab, a new concept of fittings with an innovative and complete solution, that consistently delivers an extremely reliable high-level of product.

Our fume cupboard hoses, and outlets come complete with a double "O" ring for added safety. Brass to brass conical connections as advertised by others cannot on their own provide a safe sealed connection.

Sealing efficiency is all down to the "O" rings


  • Original Italian Made  


The new MDS Line is, as also all our others products, covered by the most important certifications.

Italian Design with a German Heart.


  • Extensive Warranty


Comprehensive 8 year warranty


  • Open Format Drawings available


Drawings availabe in all popular formats, including Revit for Bim modeling

Email           : [email protected]

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